Three Common Holiday Crimes

While the holidays may be filled with joy, cheer, and celebration for many people, they are also unfortunately subject to a sharp increase in certain types of crime. On this blog, we examine three crimes that occur more commonly during the holidays, and how to help avoid yourself from falling victim to one of them.


Retail stores frequently stock up on inventory and make sure the shelves are full to prepare for the massive rush of holiday shoppers. However, this also increases the opportunity for shoplifters to sneak off with merchandise without paying. Shoplifting costs businesses around the country billions of dollars in losses every year, and is usually considered a misdemeanor crime. If you are convicted of a shoplifting charge, you could potentially face large fines, possible jail time, and victim restitution as penalties for a first offense.

Identity Theft

A lot of shopping has moved into the online sphere over the last decade or so. As a result, tech-savvy criminals significantly increase their efforts to try to break into computer systems and plant malicious software that can steal info like credit card numbers, social security numbers, and more. Identity theft can devastate your financial standing and credit, so it is important to make sure your computer is clean before entering in any of this information. Run a virus scan regularly and be sure to keep your firewall and other security programs updated.


The holiday season brings numerous holiday parties with friends, family, and co-workers, many of which involve alcohol. This unfortunately also means a lot of intoxicated drivers on the roads. Expect to see more DUI checkpoints and increased patrols over the next few weeks, particularly around the New Year’s holiday. If you plan on drinking at a holiday party, make sure you plan your transportation ahead of time. Travel with a designated driver or call a taxi or rideshare. The cost of a ride pales in comparison to the costs associated with a DUI conviction.

If you are arrested and accused of these or any other crimes this holiday season, securing reputable representation from a Hidalgo County criminal defense attorney is an important first step to defending your name and your rights. Trust your case to Rene A. Flores, who has the experience of hundreds of successful cases as well as service as a Municipal judge in Palmview.

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