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Police officers and highway patrolmen throughout Texas are vigilant for motorists who might be intoxicated. If you are pulled over by an officer, you could be arrested for a DWI or a DUI charge. Our Hidalgo County DWI lawyer can provide you with diligent and dedicated legal representation throughout your case.

When you've been pulled over, benefit from devoted representation that is:

  • Hands-on with all our cases
  • Compassionate and understanding counsel
  • Knowledgeable, as an appointed Municipal Judge in Palmview
  • Brings hope in the midst of a traumatic experience

Why Does Having a DWI or DUI Lawyer Help?

Due to the wide range of factors that are involved with driving while intoxicated or driving under the influence case, having a lawyer who is knowledgeable is can provide necessary insight to you and your case.

Having Attorney Flores representation can provide you with:

  • Specific and focused attention to your case
  • Effective and dedicated legal counsel
  • An understanding of the criminal justice system
  • An attorney who works with YOU throughout your case

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