Bond Reductions in Hidalgo County

Request a Lowered Amount for Bail

Have you or someone you care about been arrested for a criminal act in Hidalgo County or the surrounding area? In most cases, any person who has been arrested and put behind bars is given an amount they must pay in bail to get out. The amount is typically based upon the alleged offense, with a lower amount for smaller misdemeanors and a higher amount for serious felony crimes. If you are facing a high bail amount which seems unfair or unreasonable, our Hidalgo County criminal defense lawyer at The Law Office of Rene A. Flores PLLC can help.

How Is Bail Typically Set?

Typically, a judge appointed by the county is the one responsible for setting your bail amount. Certain crimes have a somewhat standard bail amount, while others will need to be considered and decided on. If a price seems just too high, it is possible that there was a mistake made or that the judge was not aware of specific set limits. Our firm can help to ensure all information on your arrest is known by all parties and that no unfair actions are taken against you.

  • If you are interested in reducing the amount of your bail, you should take the following steps:
  • Hire an experienced Hidalgo County bond reduction attorney
  • Establish a strong, well-thought-out argument on your behalf
  • Request a bail hearing to present your argument

Before You Accept a Bail Bond

Bondsmen in the Hidalgo County area may try to promise to get you out of jail on a bond with a small fee. However, they may not alert you that you could be able to lower your bail with the help of a lawyer or that you would need to pay them interest. Before you make any decisions or accept a bail bond, you may want to speak with a Hidalgo County criminal defense lawyer from our firm about your options. Attorney Flores has the unique experience of being an appointed Municipal Judge and can utilize his insight for the benefit of reducing your bail.

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