Those Convicted of Fatal DWIs May Have to Pay Child Support

Starting on Sept. 1, 2023, a new bill signed into law by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott allows the courts to order child support obligations for those who cause a fatal DWI that kills both of a minor child’s parents,

House Bill 393 states that if someone is convicted of intoxicated manslaughter that resulted in the death of both parents of a minor, they will have to make monthly child support payments to the child's legal guardian. These payments will be based on the child's standard of living as well as specific factors such as their physical and emotional condition.

DWI manslaughter charges carry severe penalties, including 2-20 years of imprisonment, a fine of up to $10,000, and a two-year license suspension. The addition of a potential child support obligation makes it all the more important for those who are unfairly accused of this crime to defend themselves in court.

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A child losing their parents in a car accident is undoubtedly tragic, but so too is being convicted of a crime for which you aren’t responsible. It’s important for those who are wrongfully accused of intoxicated manslaughter to defend themselves against these allegations. If wrongfully convicted, the penalties may be unjustly severe, which is unfair to the accused under any circumstances.

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