Police Body Camera Footage: How It Can Aid Criminal Defense

In recent years, the use of body cameras by law enforcement has grown more and more commonplace. The main objectives were to protect residents from overly aggressive officers during arrests—especially after several cases of officer-involved shootings in the United States—and to shield police officers from any unfounded complaints by suspects and witnesses.

Although these miniature cameras effectively protect citizens and police alike, as well as reduce complaints of police abuse or misconduct, they also provide valuable evidence for criminal defense attorneys. The truth is, many criminal convictions come down to credibility disputes between the arresting officer, the defendant, and witnesses—with the judge or jury often conceding with law enforcement.

With the presence of video recordings of arrests, this footage is admissible as evidence in court and provides the judge and jury with details on the interactions between police and the citizens they encounter. Additionally, it protects defendants against false claims made by arresting officers. When the video fails to support an officer’s account, the defendant’s case will likely be dismissed.

The following are the benefits of police body camera footage:

  • Prove the actual innocence of a defendant
  • Showcase police misconduct
  • Contradict an officer’s testimony and witness testimony
  • Prove that the defendants were not properly advised of their Miranda rights before making incriminating statements
  • Prove that law enforcement failed to establish reasonable suspicion and/or probable cause to make an arrest.

On the other hand, such footage can also constitute as overwhelming evidence supporting law enforcement. In these cases, they will end with a quick guilty plea.

How Our Hidalgo County Criminal Defense Attorney Can Protect Your Rights & Future

At The Law Office of Rene A. Flores PLLC, we understand how to make the most out of all the body camera evidence in your case. Our Hidalgo County criminal defense lawyer knows how body camera footage can aid in your defense and what video evidence might be damaging. We can thoroughly evaluate your case and determine all of your available legal options to help you obtain the best results possible.

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