Can I Get a DWI If I Wasn't Driving?

Can I Get a DWI If I Wasn't Driving?

It might sound ridiculous at first, but yes, you can get a DWI if you weren’t driving or even behind the wheel. This makes it unfortunate that a lot of people erroneously believe it’s OK to sit or sleep in their cars to sober up because doing either can result in a DWI arrest.

Because of this, “driving while intoxicated” is a bit of a misnomer – that is, you don’t necessarily have to have been driving while intoxicated to get a DWI charge. Rather, the legal definition of “driving while intoxicated” in Texas is “… intoxicated while operating a motor vehicle in a public place.”

‘Operating’ Is the Operative Term for a DWI Charge

For our purposes, the key word here is “operating” because of its broad implications. The courts have decided that “operating” a motor vehicle can mean that the “totality of circumstances” point toward a DWI suspect affecting the function of the vehicle that would enable its use.

In other words, being in the driver’s seat, wearing a seatbelt, running the engine for AC, or even listening to the radio can all be interpreted as operating your vehicle. If a police officer comes across you in apparent operation of your vehicle, they might suspect that you were driving while intoxicated or intending to do so – in either case, you can be arrested for DWI.

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