What is a Pretrial Diversion Program?

Whether it’s a DWI or a drug crime, a conviction for this type of offense can have a devastating and negative impact on your personal life and professional reputation. Although it may be possible to get your entire case dismissed or obtain a not guilty verdict, sometimes that is out of the question.

However, the county courts throughout Texas understand that most individuals who face criminal charges are typically experiencing the criminal justice process for the first time and are not considered true criminals. That is why there is an opportunity for first-time offenders to have their charges dropped if they meet certain conditions ordered by the judge.

The Hidalgo County Pretrial Diversion Program is a voluntary program designed to help first-time offenders avoid trial and prevent further criminal activity in the future through rehabilitation. Those who have been charged with a felony or violent offense are often not eligible for this program.

Eligible individuals must sign an agreement to plead guilty to the charge(s) they face if they fail to meet the conditions of diversion. But once they complete the program, the entire case will be dismissed and the criminal record remains clean.

The following are some of the common conditions of pretrial diversion:

  • Routine drug testing
  • Community service
  • Counseling
  • Crime-specific classes (i.e. alcohol and/or drug educational courses)
  • Check-in with a supervising officer
  • Maintain employment or academic standing
  • A curfew
  • Use of an ignition interlock device

The length of the program is often between 12 to 18 months. If you fail to fulfill the requirements of the program, the court will resume its case against you and pursue the maximum charges.

At The Law Office of Rene A. Flores PLLC, our goal is to help you obtain the best possible outcome in your case. Our Hidalgo County criminal defense attorney can evaluate your case and determine your available legal options to avoid serving the maximum penalties. Let us help you put past mistakes behind you and get your life back on the right path.

For more information about pretrial diversion, contact us and schedule a free consultation today.

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